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The young girl

So today I want to tell you guys a story of a girl I once knew. She was 13 at the time her mum was out a lot with her grandparents, day drinking and shopping. She had a little brother at home he was a couple of years younger than she was so he wasn’t as independent as her. It was more or less the same thing multiple times a week their mum would be out with their grandparents, they would both come home from school and the girl would cook something simple for her and her brother, this was a usual occurrence for the young girl. The young girl was struggling a little bit with the pressure of looking after herself and her brother and then having to put up with how her mum were when she eventually arrived home. I mean this young girl wasn’t perfect, far from it from the pressure of things going off at home, she began to rebel at school, what was she supposed to do to deal with these strange emotions she was feeling? She couldn’t talk to anyone as she didn’t trust anyone, she couldn’t speak to other family members, there were nobody!

The young girl slowly went in to depression and got in with the ‘wrong crowd’ she began dating a boy who was no good for her, he introduced her to drugs and his way of ‘living’. The young girl loved the attention she received off him, but sadly this is when hers and her mum’s relationship fully broke down and the young girl was put in to care. She was 14 at this point, she had no family to speak to, in an unusual place and it was the 6 weeks holiday. She had never felt so alone until this moment. She decided to put her foot down and make a change she didn’t want to be alone, but who did? Slowly but surely family members relationships were starting to build again, this helped the girl with how she was feeling. Fast forward a couple of years, she meets a guy who she thought was the best and decided to move out of the kids home and lived with him, until a few months later when he cheated on her, with one of her friends. 18 and nowhere to call home, then she was given support and got her own place, over the years she would receive heartbreak after heartbreak, she would feel so low about herself. Then one day the not so young girl found out she was going to have a baby! This completely changed the mindset of the girl. Fast forward a couple of years, her little girl’s father was nowhere to be seen, the girl didn’t know what to do she had tried everything and nothing. The girl went through a lot with her baby’s father there was a lot of heartbreak, betrayal and words what cannot be unsaid. From all of the situation the girl went in to a very deep depression, she didn’t realise it. Then one day the girl was sat in her dining room absolutely distraught wanting to give it all up, she felt her daughter deserved better and decided it was time to say goodbye to her life, as it was worthless. That’s until her little girl walked in to the room, the dark cloud hanging over her vanished, just seeing her little girl’s face brought her so much happiness, the girl’s mother also suggested to go see and to speak with someone, so that’s what she did she was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and began treatment. To this day the girl is so happy, with her daughter and general life, she’s never felt so comfortable and content. She is working, bettering herself every day for hers and her daughter’s future.

I guess the point of this story is to show things really do get better. Even when it may not see it at this point. There is help around you, people are there to support you, even if you feel like the whole world is against you, believe me there not, they’re there waiting for you, ready for when you want to speak.

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